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  2. So, Your Husband Cheated On You. But What Did He Do Next?
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  4. My Husband Had An Affair And I Stayed

Your spouse seems bored with you, a job, your children, hobbies, or even life in general. Your spouse has become lazy, especially around the house. Your spouse doesn't show any jealousy about you, no matter what you say. Your spouse is indifferent to family events like birthdays and holidays.

You notice charges on credit card statements that don't make sense. Money becomes more of an issue between the two of you. Your spouse stops planning for large purchases such as a trip, buying a house, starting a renovation, etc. A Change in Technology Use. You notice cloud sharing has suddenly been switched off on your devices. Your spouse stops using shared devices altogether. Your spouse reduces their use of social media. Your partner clears the browser history on the home computer.

Your spouse's fitness tracker shows exercise at odd times and hours. Was this page helpful? Thanks for your feedback! Email Address Sign Up There was an error. What are your concerns? Continue Reading. Reasons Why Married People Cheat. The Dangers of Emotional Affairs. Strategies for Coping With a Marriage to a Workaholic.

3 Ways to Find out if Your Husband Is Cheating - wikiHow

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By using Verywell Mind, you accept our. The last day I drive home to my husband.

So, Your Husband Cheated On You. But What Did He Do Next?

I walked into the house to see him, the liar, the cheater, the asshole, tenderly combing our daughter's hair. She was resting her head on his leg and they were singing her favorite song together. She looked like every inch the daddy's girl that she is, and the gentleness that he used to coax a stubborn tangle out of her hair reminded me of how much he loved her and had since her first breath. In that moment, I knew three things to be true: my husband was a great father, my husband had broken my heart, and figuring out what to do next was going to be far more complicated than I had thought.

In the days that followed, after I confronted him and the terrible truth spilled out, I was never certain I was doing the right thing. I asked him to move out, but I also asked him to come home every morning to take the kids to school like usual and to stay for dinner every night. I told him to see a counselor but refused to go to marriage counseling. I moved money out of our joint account and into a separate account in my name and tried to figure out if I could afford to stay in the house without him.

I tried to imagine life without him. I tried to imagine life with him. The thought of ever kissing him again seemed impossible. I mostly thought about the kids and what was best for them. Those first days and weeks after finding out about the affair were some of the loneliest of my life. Even though I had done nothing wrong, I felt shame and embarrassment that kept me from confiding in my friends. My uncertainty about the future and the tiny glimmer of hope I had that we might be able to make it through this kept me silent.

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What if I told and then we got back together? Would my friends -- OUR friends -- hate him forever?

Road to Divorce: Day 1- The Day that I found my husband cheating on me

I think I was also afraid to say it out loud, that saying my husband cheated would make it even more real. Well, statistically, a lot of women do—most, in fact, including me. I was a year-old mom to three young kids. I was finishing up my 12th book. Life was busy. But with a big project at their office, it made sense—or so I told myself.

My friends agreed.

My Husband Had An Affair And I Stayed

Suddenly, I just knew. I tried to convince myself that I was being paranoid.


But the next day, when he finally answered his phone, I demanded the truth. And he gave it to me—partly. They kissed once. Well, more than once, he reneged. I insisted he come home immediately if he had even the tiniest bit of hope of salvaging our marriage.

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He did. While he drove the few hours back, I walked around our house wringing my shaking hands like Lady Macbeth. I was in shock. Over the next few days, the full story eventually trickled out. My husband confessed that he had been having an on-again, off-again affair for four years. I would shake my husband awake at 3 a. Why did you do it?

Every day, I was trying to be the best mom I could, while also trying to finish the last chapter of my book, which my editor was getting increasingly impatient over.

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So I just kept putting one foot in front of the other. They were too young. Kick him out? Maybe later. But right now? I felt like I was fighting for my life. Often times, people assume that if a man cheats, that means his wife was a shrew , a nag. She let herself go. The other woman was sexy and interesting.